Antony L. Design
4 min readApr 1, 2022

What we should learn from this is it’s no longer about the money. We are in a new era and the energy is palpable. The Will Smith slap of biblical proportions seen and heard around the world should send shockwaves to the current power system.

That slap seen by millions (if not billions if one could count the number of social media views) was meant to happen. And it was meant to happen on that stage. The largest stage that awards the most creative people in the movie industry. From the creative capital of the world nonetheless Los Angeles (Hollywood). Oh yea it was meant to happen.

If the Terry Crews incident (where an agent grabbed his privates at a party) happened now, in this new era, that event would probably have had a different outcome

Will in that moment had plenty of time to rationalize, to think clearly about what he was doing. It wasn’t like the joke was told and the slap was immediate. Some knee jerk reaction. He had time to think, to contemplate before he acted. Initially he could be seen laughing at the joke but then as the camera panned, he and everyone else could see the look on Jada’s face. The clear and utter disgust that let everyone know the joke, as it was, had gone too far. It was a low blow.

Will, also noticing the disgust on Jada’s face sprang into action to defend her. He got up from his seat, walked 10 yards or so to the stage then slapped Chris Rock on national television in front of a live Oscar audience. An audience that was shocked if not mortified by what they were witnessing. But Will was not shocked. He was confident and deliberate.

After the slap, he walked back to his seat confident and strong. And in a strong, confident, reverberating voice told Chris Rock “keep my wife’s name out your f**ing mouth” Not once but twice.

He had plenty of time from the time he was sitting and laughing to the time he walked on that stage to think about his actions and what the ramifications might be. He knew he may not receive the Oscar. He also knew that future movie projects and money from said future projects would be scarce if at all. See this is what Terry Crews thought about. He thought about the money and what would happen but we are now in a different era, a new energy.

Chris Rock may have been the recipient of “the slap” but the real slap was to the system that was. The old way of thinking and being controlled by money is over. The slap was a wakeup call for those who still feel as though money is the controlling factor.

See the pandemic awakened many to alternate possibilities other than going to work from 9–5, come home, eat, go to bed and repeat. The pandemic ushered in the “great resignation” in which millions slapped the system and quit. They quit to pursue their true calling in life or at the very least to follow a path that may lead them there. Many moved from large urban areas to live a more calm and peaceful life and in the process, rediscovered nature and its beauty.

Notable big names slapped the system such as Kyrie Irving who refused to take the vaccine and Ice Cube who turned down millions for a movie role because he decided not to as well. Let’s give Prince credit here as an early slapper of the system who wrote Slave on his face to bring attention to the parasitic music industry. Oh there have been many but none that got the type of global attention that Will did.

That slap closed the door on the old era. There is no coincidence this new era this new energy this new world was ushered in by a man named Will as in God’s will. Now am I advocating violence? Is slapping someone the answer? Not at all. I’m looking at a single incident through a spiritual lens.

In this new world we are no longer controlled by the corporate power structure dictated by money. We will be governed by God’s will and God’s will for our lives is liberating. In this era you will see God’s children flourish. And since God is the ultimate creator — You Aint’ Seen Nothing Yet!