Is Kanye Mentally Ill or Is Society?

The Two Faced Nature of This Dichotomy

Not long ago we vaulted Kanye West, now just Ye, to un-yielded fame. Those of us that are so called “woke” acknowledged that some of what Ye was saying did indeed come with some facts.

We watched his now infamous meltdown numerous times which happened live at one of his concerts. The fact that “they” only play a handful of songs by a handful of artists on the radio is facts, just like how the powers that be such as the Jay Z’s and Beyonce’s manipulate awards shows with their attendance or non-attendance.

We ate this up. It’s what we all thought but Ye had the courage to step up and say it and because of this we wanted more and more. We began to focus in on whatever Kanye was saying. We watched his every move and clung to his every word looking for signs and esoteric clues as if we were watching some unsolved mystery or the newest thriller that confounded us.

We sat and talked amongst ourselves wondering what he may say or do next.

Kanye himself got caught up in the amount of attention he was getting with his over the top antics and decided to double down and join forces with another over the top character, Donald Trump. The televised meetings with Trump, the MAGA hats, the TMZ rants. The ratings were at an all-time high. We were consumed by all things Kanye and couldn’t get enough.

We ate it up and the media obliged by giving us plate after plate until we became too full to stand like a long night pigging out at a Vegas buffet. But as most of us are aware, eating till you hearts content is only fun in the beginning. In the end it’s pain, it’s sickening, it’s purging. Too much is never a good thing and this is what happened with all things Kanye.

Not long ago another celebrity went through this same cycle of self-aggrandizement propelled through a media driven to feed us what we want until we pop. Charlie Sheen went on a rant after becoming belligerent and inevitably being fired from a top television sitcom after a dispute with the show’s producer. The same sitcom and producer which vaulted Charlie Sheen to being the highest paid on television at the time. And like Kanye we hung on his every word.

Everyone had “Tiger Blood” pulsating through his or her veins. And just like Kanye we wanted more Charlie Sheen and didn’t care how we got it. The rants on TMZ and the non-stop T.V. appearances led to an eight city tour where, for a fee, we could get even more Charlie ranting up close and personal. We consumed Charlie Sheen like it was the last piece of bread on earth. We ate until our gluttonous hearts could take no more.

What was realized in all this gluttonous desire is that we had finally had enough “Tiger Blood.” It began to taste flat and stale like a two day old hot dog. It was finally bland to us. We wanted something else. What we wanted was the next meal, and along came Kanye to feed us.​

We’ll continue to hunger for these off script celebs to take our minds off the daily hum drum. Away from the monotony and the mundane. We’ll feast on these off scripters until our hearts desire like crows on a dead caucus until our taste buds eventually crave somebody else. As history has proven time and time again we won’t have to wait long because most assuredly he or she will be delivered to our plates soon.

Kanye, just like our off script president, thrives off the attention. Both are fueled by it so they don’t hesitate to say the next wacky attention getting thing like “Slavery was a choice.” or “Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?” They know it’s provocative, it raises eyebrows, it gets us talking. It feeds our insatiable appetite for ego driven celebs who go off script. They take our minds off the mundane predictability or our daily existence but even more important it gets them the attention they so desire. That’s the nature of this two faced dichotomy.

Kanye must be slowly waking up from his two faced dichotomy as he claims to have split from his twin super ego Trump stating that he felt he had been used. I say blah, blah, blah we were done with you anyway. I just want to know who’s next on the menu to be served up.

​-Antony L.




Creative Director and Editor at

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