How To Boost Brainpower and Live Happier In 3 Easy Stress-Free Life Hacks… And They Work!

Whether you read the paper or online news, separating what’s real from fabrication is about as daunting as when sorting email — what we see is not always what we get. Meanwhile, the tech advancements we adopt double every two and a half to three years. It can be a challenge to imagine how we can better manage time.

Ads from mail and apps and other stimuli flood our inboxes, heads, and eventually our gray matter until there is little space to do much, or let alone work before we need caffeine or some other pick me up to keep us sharp.

Except these pick me ups either don’t work or serve as a band aid over a larger problem at best.

Keep in mind we are wired to experience happiness, not stress.

How can you boost your brainpower and live happier without sacrificing more of your day?

The one thing everyone has the same amount of that’s irreplaceable is time.

Recount how often you’ve found yourself staring at your computing or media devices in a mental fog. Bet it’s happened more than once.

There’s something you could do — besides exercise — to squelch those information overload and sapped energy stressors once and for all.

The idea of managing the stresses of the day is not the hack worth living.

A solution that gets your blood pumping and your soul enlivened is the short order the stay at home parent or office warrior can use. The better deal..? They’re life hacks. Five minute boosts for energy you can put into action that fits any schedule and they last.

Here’s how to boost brainpower and live happier in 3 stress-free life hacks easy.

The best part is they work.

Stress-Free Life Hack One

Focus on one thing — then do it — one, at a time

The human brain houses 100 billion neurons and ten times more Glial Cells. Each holds a blueprint of the magnificent power your mind has to think to the point of unlocking undiscovered secrets of the universe at the quantum level.

Which is why thinking about more than one thing right after another can seem virtually unpreventable, since your brain matter processes millions of thoughts a second.

Your brain is home to your thoughts and perceptions that are honed to focus on those that are most dominant by your Reticular Activation System (RAS). If someone says blue car, your mind will sort everything you see, whether it is in the world or your mind by your RAS. Make the color cobalt, and you program yourself, quite literally, to see cars in that particular palate.

To illustrate how wondrous the human brain is, consider how proficient your gray matter must observe the information you encounter daily.

The human body shuttles 11 million bits of information every second to your brain to process. Although your conscious (alert) mind processes only 50 of those bits.

So the longer we incrementally observe more things, the greater our mind will need to focus to collect the necessary details about a particular object. While it also include the things in our perception, whether they are remembered or physically seen.

Ready to strengthen your cognitive ability measurably?

Focus. Do one thing (instead of many). If you find it too challenging, start out with something small. Set a goal to scratch off a single to-do — and stay at it until it is completed.

Journal the tasks you accomplish. Then revisit them each calendar month and watch what you can achieve while you watch your productivity flow.

Stress-Free Life Hack Two

De-clutter an area in your life, one breath at a time

Whether you arrange some of the lesser tasks of your day or your world, if life feels overwhelming, it’s time to de-clutter.

Remember the first point — this is not about making a massive change you may or may not find you can stick to.

It’s about incremental shifts in your day, and ultimately for your lifestyle. Imagine what spending one half hour less of binge watching your favorite show can reveal? Or how about an extra three hundred and sixty seconds of shuteye? Imagine a calmer spirit if not just a moment to be with yourself or the one’s you cherish most.

Time is not something you can buy or sell. You can exchange it for another moment in its place, if you use these hacks to free up what you have and ultimately live richer by practicing being emotionally available, and present with others and yourself.

Can’t find one area in your daily repertoire to lighten without an overhaul?

There’s one, you can try and improve your mental state and soothe your body and soul: Breathe.

Diaphragmatic breathing or when you breathe air in through the nose, it fills up your lungs causing your lower belly to rise. As you breathe out through the mouth or nostrils, the heart rate slows, anxiety quells, blood pressure stabilizes, and your ability to cognitively focus increases.

Abdominal (diaphragmatic) breathing can retune somatic balance and boost immune health in just minutes of practice a day. It’s adjustable to when you can find a moment to relax. Even if it is for a wrinkle in time.

Try deeper breathing whenever you can carve out a small break in your day — and bask in the calming benefits. The rewards from discovering or reintroducing breathing into your day, at your own pace are an immediate investment to enhance a happier life that leads to an improved overall wellbeing.

Stress-Free Life Hack Three

Go on, “laugh”

Take a daily dose of heart healthy medicine — “smile” or even better, “laugh”.

A horse saunters up to a bar full of horses, looks at the bartender and asks, “Why all the long faces..?”

Okay, terrible joke, still, the punchline is a telling one.

There’s plenty in life that may be humorously inappropriate or downright unfunny. Often, we can fall into the trap of not looking after ourselves with the daily tasks we have to handle, and especially when it’s our health. Then one day we wake feeling like just another long face in the crowd — overworked, overtired, and sometimes overwhelmed…

When we could have nipped the trek of declining health with the third life hack, laughter.

Laughing is the elixir of a live well-enjoyed. How? A brief spurt of laughter affects the body at the cellular level. Positive vibes stimulate somatic wellness by the release of neuropeptides that calm the body by combating outward (or inward) stressors that eventually could trek toward more debilitating illnesses.

It also helps produce endorphins that eliminate pain

Best, a good dose of laughter is indistinguishable from a “ha-ha” that’s forced. Real laughter or a conjured one, the body recognizes the stimuli it receives as genuine.

So the next time you feel the urge when you’re not in a library, the passenger’s seat of somebody’s car or the theater..?


Get and stay healthy

Life hacks are meant to do one thing…enhance your quality of living. When you incorporate them into your day, they no longer become something you do over a course of time. They’re part of a healthier lifestyle.

This is the long view here and instead of going at it full-throttle, the idea is to approach them and include them like micro-commitments. When you get good at one, add on the next, until doing all of them is as natural as…you get it. They’re life hacks for a reason.

Discovering or rediscovering life hacks at Partayke was a part of my heroic journey.

Now you’re well-armed with stress relaxation actions you can take and that can become part of your daily routine.

Try one of them or if your daring try them all and tell us about your journey on Facebook.

Let’s boost our brain power, and stay happier and healthier!




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