A Letter To The Creatives

Antony L. Design
2 min readJun 11, 2020


In the year 2012 the world ended just as the Mayan calendar suggested. The world as we once knew it came to an end. Old knowledge, old beliefs, old traditions have ceased to have any plausible meaning.

Post 2000 we have entered into a new world. In this new world only the creative class will survive. If you are not creating you will cease to exist because in this new world your services are not needed. You have become obsolete.​

To create great works, creators must acknowledge that their creativity comes from the ultimate creator, God for it is He that created everything. He has ordained this from the beginning, as only He can see the end from the beginning. Nothing that has been created or that will be created in the future has come without the original spark that was provided from God. God says:


Meaning, children of God will not take the credit for what they create but will give that credit to God from which it came.

A new world in which parasites that once preyed on the creatives will dissolve into the dust from which they came. Their parasitic nature will be seen for what it is and their money driven, not God driven, desires will further flame the fires that burn inside the creative mind.

Let us rise up and create in this new world. The canvass is blank and ready for our creative thoughts to manifest. May we go out in this new world and produce great fruit as our Father has ordained us to do.

A LETTER TO THE CREATIVES VISUAL STORY- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5ZZH1MljTk

Story by Antony L.Design

Originally published at https://www.partayke.com.